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Newspaper reports about cinema in Belgrade 1896–1897

Newspaper reports about cinema in Belgrade 1896–1897, © Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgradeenlarge


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Object:Newspaper reports about cinema in Belgrade 1896–1897
Description:The Belgrade newspaper ‘Male novine’ (Small newspaper) reports on film screenings in Belgrade on June 3rd, 1896 (Julian calendar = June 15th, 1896) and March 16th, 1897 (Julian calendar = March 28th, 1897). The first article informs that the screenings in ‘Zlatni Krst’ will be continued for several days. The second article also informs about the continuation of the screenings, including two films about Belgrade.
Comment:The reports are written in Serbian Cyrillic. The first article refers to first screenings to have taken place in the city. They began on June 6th and took place in the ‘Zlatni Krst’ (Golden cross) café.
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
unknown (historical)
Type:Newspaper reports
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
200 Communication > 204 Press
Copyright:Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgrade
Archive:Jugoslovenska kinoteka (Collection Fototeka), Inv. No.: Photo-Cinema and movies 01
Editor:Karl Kaser