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Serbian film director Kosta Novaković (1895–1953)

Serbian film director Kosta Novaković (1895–1953), © Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgradeenlarge


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Object:Serbian film director Kosta Novaković (1895–1953)
Description:Kosta Novaković wearing a black tailcoat and black shoes, and carrying a black hat in his left hand. There is an entrance door behind him and he is walking down stairs covered by a rag rug.
Comment:Novaković was one of the most important Serbian film producers in the interwar period. After the failure of his feature ‘Grešnica bez greha’ (Sinless sinner, 1928), he was forced to sell his pharmacy in order to continue in the movie business.
Date:Not before 1918, Not after 1941
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgrade
Archive:Jugoslovenska kinoteka (Collection Fototeka), Inv. No.: Novakovic_Kosta
Editor:Karl Kaser