TEI 2019

What is text, really? TEI and beyond


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  1. Elena Albarrán-Fernández
    A TEI-based model to encode notarial charters (Asturias, 1260-1350 ca.)
    Keywords: charters
  2. Susanna Allés Torrent, Gimena del Rio Riande
    TTHUB: Text Technologies Hub for Extending TEI Training in Spanish
    Keywords: teaching resources, teaching resources, Spanish, Latin America, online teaching
  3. Roman Bleier, Elisabeth Brantner, Gabriele Haug-Moritz, Christiane Neerfeld, Eva Ortlieb, Thomas Schreiber, Georg Vogeler, Florian Zeilinger
    Encoding the documents of the “The Imperial Diet in Regensburg, 1576”
    Keywords: politics, imperial diet, early modern, transcription
  4. Anna Busch, Frank Fischer
    How to encode the unsaid with the TEI
    Keywords: encoding, literature, the unsaid
  5. Angelo Mario Del Grosso, Erica Capizzi, Salvatore Cristofaro, Graziella Seminara, Daria Spampinato
    Promoting Bellini’s legacy and the Italian opera by scholarly digital editing his own correspondence
    Keywords: Digital Scholarly Edition, Correspondence, Digital and Computational Philology, Vincenzo Bellini, Music
  6. Daria Elagina
    Case Study: Ethiopian Psalter of the Virgin
    Keywords: literary work, manuscript, authorship
  7. Alexandra Fuchs, Bernhard Geiger, Elisabeth Hobisch, Philipp Koncar, Sanja Saric, Martina Scholger
    Distant Spectators: Mining TEI-encoded periodicals of the Enlightenment
    Keywords: quantitative methods, distant reading, journals, Enlightenment
  8. Janelle Jenstad, Mary Erica Zimmer
    Documenting Discoveries: TEI and Browsing the Bookshops in Paul’s Cross Churchyard
    Keywords: early modern bookshops, visualization, documentary editing, documentary editing; MoEML, interoperability
  9. Renáta Modráková, Tereza Paličková
    Virtual reconstruction of scattered provenance of Bohemian printed books
    Keywords: books, libraries, provenance, geolocations, names
  10. Renáta Modráková
    Research of provenance glosses in medieval manuscripts and in incunabulas from historical collections of the National Library of the Czech Republic
    Keywords: manuscripts, incunabulas, libraries, provenance
  11. Brian L Pytlik Zillig, Mary Bolin
    The Semantic Field Grace in Early Modern English
    Keywords: xml data, visualization, xslt, drama
  12. Suzanne Michelle Raybuck, Sarah C. Stanley
    An Exploration of <object> using Antarctic Artifacts
    Keywords: object, msdescription, physDesc, ODD customization, descriptive markup
  13. Christian Steiner, Helmut W. Klug, Astrid Böhm, Elisabeth Raunig, Bruno Laurioux, Denise Ardesi, Corentin Poirier
    Annotating Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages for semantic analysis and visualisation
    Keywords: cooking recipes, middle ages, annotation
  14. Raffaele Viglianti
    A new Roma (beta): a rich interface for ODD customization
    Keywords: ODD, customization, user interfaces