Grotefend - digital

Calendars, Feasts, Saints


    Grotefend - digital is an RDF representation of the saints' register and the diocesan and religious calendars from Grotefend's 'Zeitrechnung des Deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit', which was implemented using the ontology "Ontology for the representation of medieval calendar data". This makes the Grotefend data instances uniquely identifiable and available as Linked Open Data.


    What do you find?

    Calendars, Saints, Sources

    What can it do?

    a) Sources can be exploited and represented in RDF with the ontology.

    b) Existing and new datensets can be linked - Linked Open Data

    c) Unique identification of instances and therefore an authority file for saints and calendars.

    What is it not/can you not find?

    it is

    a) not a calendar calculation tool (for this you can use Grotefends' "Taschenbuch" or the calculators in the HTML version )

    b) a replacement for the HTML version .

    Glossar und tables are not a part of this Website.

    data modelling

    The Data was derived from the HTML version of the Work 'Zeitrechnung des Deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit' by Hermann Grotefend. HTML Version It was transformed into XML and enriched, before it got transformed into RDF in Turtle Syntax and than transformed to RDF/XML by using the RDF Translator by Alex Stolz (2020)


    The classes and properties of the Ontology are available under .