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libri ordinarii of the Salzburg metropolitan province


Liturgy and music in the medieval ecclesiastical province of Salzburg

For many centuries, the ecclesiastical province of Salzburg, along with its suffragan dioceses of Brixen, Freising, Regensburg and Salzburg, played a key role in the cultural history of Austria and Bavaria. It is thus all the more important that the many surviving liturgical musical sources that constitute an important part of this cultural heritage are made digitally accessible and subjected to scholarly analysis.

In scholarly studies of libri ordinarii, critical transcriptions of the Latin texts need to be followed up with an in-depth analysis of the origins of the liturgy and the commentaries. This project’s main aim will be to translate the libri ordinarii into TEI. As part of a second point of focus, the secondary sources – that is the liturgical and musical sources, such as graduals, missals, sequentiaries, antiphonars and so on – will be analysed and edited for uploading onto the online platform. The concrete shape of a chant, for example, will appear in its complete form (and with musical notation, if applicable) behind the incipits of the libri ordinarii.