Onlineportal Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

Online portal Ancient History and Classical Antiquities

Several projects of the Department of Ancient History and Classical Antiquities have been condensed here to a single Web portal Old History:

"Between the Hellenes awareness and Polity affiliation", short Ethnos, addresses the occurrence of a collective identity developing through the shattering of most parts of the Greek Mediterranean world into city states (Poleis) that can be observed since 800 BC. A collection of commented sources gives information about alliances and accordingly antagonisms of Greek Poleis.

The project "Violence in Antiquity" pursues the question of perception and display of violence in the antiquity. For that Greek and Latin text passages have been chosen that describe violence. Within the year 2011 these textual accounts will be supplemented by a collection of pictures.

The project "Spectatores", that has already been realized in 2007, provides original and translated sources concerning the nature of spectators in the antiquity. The existing material is being complemented by bibliographic clues.

The Coin Collection houses nearly 4000 coins, most of them minted in the Roman period. The electronic description offers photographs and extensive descriptions of the objects.

The department's Epigraphical Collection contains around 1000 squeezes of Greek and Roman inscriptions. The online presentation makes facsimiles, transcriptions and commentaries available for students, teachers and researchers.

Presently, another project on the prosopography of the antique hetaeras is in progress.

The Centre of Information Modelling is responsible for the technical coverage – in terms of an Asset Management System – as well as for the design. All data is existent in XML-format and therefore will also be available for future portal solutions.

Sabine Tausend