Adjective-Adverb Interfaces in Romance

Open Access Database

The database “Adjective-Adverb Interfaces in Romance” (version 2020) is an annotated and partly lemmatised corpus of Romance adjectives used in adverbial functions (e.g. Fr. voler haut, aller droit, also as modifiers of other word classes than the verb, e.g. the adjective in Sp. es cosa harto seria) and as part of prepositional adverbials (Pt. de novo, Sp. a ciegas). It integrates several corpora of different Romance languages (French, Italian varieties, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish), which comprise a total of 31,800 annotated examples.

A search interface allows for queries in each separate corpus as well as in freely combined corpora. Adverbs are tagged according to a shared annotation model, using the same categories. Thus, the annotation model offers a cross-linguistic categorization for the multifunctional word-class “adverb” based on its forms, functions and meanings. In the future, the corpus may be enlarged with new datasets added using the same annotation model.