Franz Brentano: Logik

Legend for the normalized transcription

General rules:

·        I. Text displayed as black body text is manuscript text, usually written by Brentano himself.

·        II. Text in brown text color marks textcritical marks or comments.

·        III. Text in blue text color marks graphical tools, mostly for navigation.

I. Black text

Black body text

Regular text written by Brentano.

Black body text

Regular text with one or more underlines in the original manuscript; the underline(s) may be made with a different writing medium. In some cases the italics were added by the editor (e.g. title of a publication).

II. Brown text


Text or punctuation marks added by the transcriber or the editor.


Uncertain reading.

[1 W. unl.]

A certain amount of text is illegible.

Abbreviations: W. = Wort (word); B. = Buchstabe/n (character/s); unl. = unleserlich (illegible) 

Text of a genuine annotation]

The text of a genuine annotation by the author originally placed in the left margin without any indication where it should be added in the main text column is inserted here by the editor’s decision. The closing square bracket marks the end of the annotation.

text1,2,3, …, n

Number of an informational note provided by the editor.

III. Blue text

Top of page:

Identifier: signature of document and archival number of manuscript page.
Also the link to the electronic facsimile of the manuscript page.

End of page, after vertical line:
1, 2, 3

Page counter.

Top left of each paragraph:
12.956[1], 12.956[2], 12.956[3] …

Paragraph counter


Number of a textcritical note provided by the transcriber or editor

 IV. Additional apparatus


Link to the diplomatic version of the manuscript transcription.

norm legend

Link to the legend for the normalized version [this text].