George Washington Financial Papers (GWFP)

George Washington kept a variety of business and household accounting records, including receipts, bills, invoices, waste books, journals of accounts, and ledger books of accounts. He used these to keep track of how much money he owed or was owed to him and to monitor how he spent his money. These documents provide detailed information about his financial dealings, such as earnings from shipping tobacco and other goods produced by his plantations; travel expenses to various taverns; and rent payments due from his tenants. Prices of many commodities (food, livestock, crops, household items) are recorded in these pages, as are transactions with a wide range of people, including men and women, large- and small-scale farmers, tradespeople, laborers, lawyers, businesspeople, mariners, free blacks, and enslaved people. The digital edition aims to make the business and budget files of US President George Washington accessible.

1750-1799 | en | USA
U.S. Library of Congress, Washington D.C., MSS 44693: Reel 115
Jennifer Stertzer | Erica Cavanaugh
Business Accounts | Household Accounts
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Economic Agents 464
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