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SIBA – A Visual Approach to Explore Everyday Life in Turkish and Yugoslav Cities, 1920s and 1930s

Outline of Cultural Materials

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  1. 100 Orientation
  2. 130 Geography
  3. 150 Behavior Processes and Personality
  4. 160 Demography
  5. 170 History and Culture Change
  6. 180 Total Culture
  7. 200 Communication
  8. 210 Records
  9. 220 Food Quest
  10. 230 Animal Husbandry
  11. 240 Agriculture
  12. 250 Food Processing
  13. 260 Food Consumption
  14. 270 Drink, Drugs, and Indulgence
  15. 290 Clothing
  16. 300 Adornment
  17. 310 Exploitative Activities
  18. 320 Processing of Basic Materials
  19. 330 Building and Construction
  20. 340 Structures
  21. 350 Equipment and Maintenance of BLDGS
  22. 360 Settelments
  23. 370 Energy and Power
  24. 400 Machines
  25. 410 Tools and Appliances
  26. 430 Exchange
  27. 440 Marketing
  28. 450 Finance
  29. 460 Labor
  30. 470 Business and Industrial Organization
  31. 490 Land Transport
  32. 500 Water, Air, and Space Transportation
  33. 510 Living Standards and Routines
  34. 520 Recreation
  35. 530 Arts
  36. 540 Commercialized Entertainment
  37. 550 Individuation and Mobility
  38. 560 Social Stratification
  39. 570 Interpersonal Relations
  40. 590 Familiy
  41. 620 Community
  42. 640 State
  43. 650 Government Activities
  44. 660 Political Behavior
  45. 670 Law
  46. 690 Justice
  47. 700 Armed Forces
  48. 710 Military Technology
  49. 720 War
  50. 730 Social Problems
  51. 740 Health and Welfare
  52. 750 Sickness
  53. 760 Death
  54. 770 Religious Beliefs
  55. 780 Religious Practices
  56. 790 Ecclesiatical Organization
  57. 820 Ideas about Nature and Man
  58. 850 Infancy and Childhood
  59. 870 Education
  60. 880 Adolescene, Adulthood, and Old Age
  61. 890 Gender Roles and Issues




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  1. View of Kalemegdan ParkPrint versionTEI versionView of Kalemegdan ParkSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  2. Kafana scene al frescoPrint versionTEI versionKafana scene al frescoGrdijan, Svetozar
  3. Elegant people walking in Kalemegdan ParkPrint versionTEI versionElegant people walking in Kalemegdan ParkSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  4. Belgrade shoe cleanersPrint versionTEI versionBelgrade shoe cleanersSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  5. Couple with bicyclePrint versionTEI versionCouple with bicycleSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  6. Generator in the old electrical power stationPrint versionTEI versionGenerator in the old electrical power stationSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  7. Car in the snowPrint versionTEI versionCar in the snowSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  8. Ladies at a barPrint versionTEI versionLadies at a barGrdijan, Svetozar
  9. Scene from an art exhibitionPrint versionTEI versionScene from an art exhibitionSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  10. Knez Mihailo Street, 1927Print versionTEI versionKnez Mihailo Street, 1927Simić, Aleksandar-Aca
  11. Children listening to orchestra in KalemegdanPrint versionTEI versionChildren listening to orchestra in KalemegdanSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  12. Removal DayPrint versionTEI versionRemoval DaySimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  13. Knez Mihailo's Memorial from abovePrint versionTEI versionKnez Mihailo's Memorial from aboveSimić, Aleksandar-Aca
  14. View of a brewing copperPrint versionTEI versionView of a brewing copperGrdijan, Svetozar
  15. Kafana pivnica "Proleće"Print versionTEI versionKafana pivnica "Proleće"Grdijan, Svetozar
  16. Marry-go-roundPrint versionTEI versionMarry-go-roundGrdijan, Svetozar
  17. 'Sphinx benizin' petrol stationPrint versionTEI version'Sphinx benizin' petrol stationGrdijan, Svetozar
  18. The 'Professors’ Colony' residential buildingsPrint versionTEI versionThe 'Professors’ Colony' residential buildingsGrdijan, Svetozar
  19. The National Library buildingPrint versionTEI versionThe National Library buildingGrdijan, Svetozar
  20. Bathing beauty in a rowing boatPrint versionTEI versionBathing beauty in a rowing boatGrdijan, Svetozar
  21. Bajrakli MosquePrint versionTEI versionBajrakli MosqueGrdijan, Svetozar
  22. 'Fat Rozika', sittingPrint versionTEI version'Fat Rozika', sittingGrdijan, Svetozar
  23. Boy with a 'Soko' cap and footballPrint versionTEI versionBoy with a 'Soko' cap and footballGrdijan, Svetozar
  24. Eagle from Košutnjak and his captorPrint versionTEI versionEagle from Košutnjak and his captorGrdijan, Svetozar
  25. Belgrade Hunters’ AssociationPrint versionTEI versionBelgrade Hunters’ AssociationGrdijan, Svetozar
  26. Vreme book shopPrint versionTEI versionVreme book shopGrdijan, Svetozar
  27. Unveiling of the 'Victor' monument in KalemegdanPrint versionTEI versionUnveiling of the 'Victor' monument in KalemegdanGrdijan, Svetozar
  28. Child vendorPrint versionTEI versionChild vendorGrdijan, Svetozar
  29. Avram Filipović's hardware shop in Uzun Mirko StreetPrint versionTEI versionAvram Filipović's hardware shop in Uzun Mirko StreetGrdijan, Svetozar
  30. 'Endurance tour' vehicles parked in front of 'Auto-Omnia'Print versionTEI version'Endurance tour' vehicles parked in front of 'Auto-Omnia'Grdijan, Svetozar
  31. Young girls posing in front of a staircasePrint versionTEI versionYoung girls posing in front of a staircaseGrdijan, Svetozar
  32. Secondary school graduationPrint versionTEI versionSecondary school graduationGrdijan, Svetozar
  33. Portrait of the female boxer Koka CvijićPrint versionTEI versionPortrait of the female boxer Koka CvijićGrdijan, Svetozar
  34. Coachman in front of the 'Ruski Car' hotelPrint versionTEI versionCoachman in front of the 'Ruski Car' hotelGrdijan, Svetozar
  35. Berliet lorry parked in front of the 'Velauto' garagePrint versionTEI versionBerliet lorry parked in front of the 'Velauto' garageGrdijan, Svetozar
  36. The Officers' Club buildingPrint versionTEI versionThe Officers' Club buildingGrdijan, Svetozar
  37. Diplomatic corps in front of the CathedralPrint versionTEI versionDiplomatic corps in front of the CathedralGrdijan, Svetozar
  38. Child in a hospital bedPrint versionTEI versionChild in a hospital bedGrdijan, Svetozar
  39. Buying chickens on 'Zeleni Venac' MarketPrint versionTEI versionBuying chickens on 'Zeleni Venac' MarketGrdijan, Svetozar
  40. 'Slava' ceremony for the 'Gvozdeni Puk' Second Infantry Division, 1930Print versionTEI version'Slava' ceremony for the 'Gvozdeni Puk' Second Infantry Division, 1930Grdijan, Svetozar
  41. Dinner reception at the House of the GuardPrint versionTEI versionDinner reception at the House of the GuardGrdijan, Svetozar
  42. Branislav Nušić feeding poultryPrint versionTEI versionBranislav Nušić feeding poultryGrdijan, Svetozar
  43. Soldiers preparing Christmas trees in TopčiderPrint versionTEI versionSoldiers preparing Christmas trees in TopčiderGrdijan, Svetozar
  44. Preparing for the lucky drawPrint versionTEI versionPreparing for the lucky drawGrdijan, Svetozar
  45. The royal box during the first Pan-Soko Rally, 1930Print versionTEI versionThe royal box during the first Pan-Soko Rally, 1930Grdijan, Svetozar
  46. Schoolgirls waiting to departPrint versionTEI versionSchoolgirls waiting to departGrdijan, Svetozar
  47. Female beggar in 'Cvetni trg'Print versionTEI versionFemale beggar in 'Cvetni trg'Grdijan, Svetozar
  48. French seamen in front of Hotel ImperijalPrint versionTEI versionFrench seamen in front of Hotel ImperijalGrdijan, Svetozar
  49. Well-wishers on the King's birthday in front of the Belgrade Municipality buildingPrint versionTEI versionWell-wishers on the King's birthday in front of the Belgrade Municipality buildingGrdijan, Svetozar
  50. Two ladies in front of an airplanePrint versionTEI versionTwo ladies in front of an airplaneGrdijan, Svetozar
  51. Enjoying the spring sun in KalemegdanPrint versionTEI versionEnjoying the spring sun in KalemegdanGrdijan, Svetozar
  52. Nedeljko Savić's paint shop 'Boja Savić'Print versionTEI versionNedeljko Savić's paint shop 'Boja Savić'Grdijan, Svetozar
  53. The innkeeper's wife in her bedroomPrint versionTEI versionThe innkeeper's wife in her bedroomGrdijan, Svetozar
  54. 'Slava' ceremony of the colonial merchantsPrint versionTEI version'Slava' ceremony of the colonial merchantsGrdijan, Svetozar
  55. Queen Marija and Princess Olga with their children on the Palace balconyPrint versionTEI versionQueen Marija and Princess Olga with their children on the Palace balconyGrdijan, Svetozar
  56. Sleigh ride on the frozen DanubePrint versionTEI versionSleigh ride on the frozen DanubeGrdijan, Svetozar
  57. Lumberjacks in a winter landscapePrint versionTEI versionLumberjacks in a winter landscapeGrdijan, Svetozar
  58. Film set of 'Za čast otadžbine' in KalemegdanPrint versionTEI versionFilm set of 'Za čast otadžbine' in KalemegdanGrdijan, Svetozar
  59. Belgrade Municipality buildingPrint versionTEI versionBelgrade Municipality buildingGrdijan, Svetozar
  60. The old National Assembly building in winterPrint versionTEI versionThe old National Assembly building in winterGrdijan, Svetozar
  61. 'Svetlost' delegation from the Kruševac region in front of the National TheatrePrint versionTEI version'Svetlost' delegation from the Kruševac region in front of the National TheatreGrdijan, Svetozar
  62. Fireman on the collapsed roof of the 'Kasina' cinemaPrint versionTEI versionFireman on the collapsed roof of the 'Kasina' cinemaGrdijan, Svetozar
  63. Archpriest Pera Marković blessing an airplanePrint versionTEI versionArchpriest Pera Marković blessing an airplaneGrdijan, Svetozar