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Between Hellenicity and Polis Identity

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Since the 8th century BC, a fragmentation of the Greek Mediterranean world in city states (polis) and their associated territories can be observed. The citizenry developed a collective identity, defined by its affiliation to the polis. This affiliation manifested itself in the names: the Athenians, the Corinthians, etc. The citizens felt connected to their hometown, but also recognized the similarities beyond the polis’ frontiers, thinking of themselves as Greeks. Both phenomena have long since attained the attention in ancient historical research they deserve.

The aim of the project is to provide an annotated collection of sources in their original language and translation, which investigates the question of whether ethnicity had an impact on the Alliance's policy of individual Greek polis, or if it was used to justify hostilities. The investigation period covers the Greek Mediterranean world of the archaic and classical antiquity, from the 8th Century BC to the year 338 Chr. For these reasons, a complete and annotated collection of sources on Greek tribal affiliation and the resulting political and social consequences can serve as a basis of research for different scientific disciplines.