Distant Spectators

Distant Reading for Periodicals of the Enlightenment


Our project is a work in progress. The section "Results" is under construction, but we will soon provide some results on data analysis, network analysis, topic modeling, stylometry, and sentiment analysis.

Data Analysis

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Manually assigned subjects in all issues of Lo Spetatore Italiano, showing how the thematic orientation changed over time.

Network Analysis

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Detail from the Periodicals Network representing which periodicals referenced (thin lines) or translated (thick lines) others.

Topic Modeling

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Detail from the Italian Topic Network showing the correlation of periodicals (multi-color nodes), topics (single-color nodes), and manually asigned subjects (slices inside the multi-color nodes).


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Authorship detection in the anonymously published Le Spectateur ou le Socrate moderne using stylometry, showing closeness to works of Van Effen and La Chapelle.

Sentiment Analysis

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Mean standardized sentiment for each manually assigned subject, sorted by language, showing how for example, the subject Law is identified as positive in German and negative in the Romance languages.