Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages


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  • Ingredient: (usually) edible material used in cooking
  • Dish: general category of food
  • Tool: equipment used in cooking
  • Name: proper name of dish
  • Instruction: one set of action during dooking
  • Opener: phrase opening a recipe text
  • Closer: phrase closing a recipe text
  • Ref.: reference to another recipe
  • Kitchen Tip: set of actions concerning cooking
  • Household Tip: set of actions concerning household matters
  • Serving Tip: set of actions concerning dishing and serving the food
  • Speech ( ): active speech act of chef or other individual
  • Excluded ingredient ( ): potential ingredient is actively excluded
  • Compared to… ( ): comparison to suggest shape, measurement, etc.
  • Analogy ( ): something other is simulated (“fake” dish)

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Onion vinegar, how to make



Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Handschriftenabteilung, Cod. Guelf. 31.3 Aug. 2°Source Collection: Wo11, fol. 218vRecipe Nr. 6 Dating: 16th c.Origin: place of origin unknownLang:

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Main ingredient: vegetablePreparation: drinkType: medicinal

Zwiblessig Den 30isten decembris doctor Gerhard Feldwichk ob deß herrn A Fuggers tisch gesagt Item nimb der weissen zwibl zerschneide In mit ainem hiltzinen messer dinn wie die oepfel schnitz fass an einen spaget vnd hengs xiiii tag hinder den ofen Nachmals so wige den zwibel vnd thue den In ein glaß vnd geuss xij mal so schwer essig daran alls der zwibl gewegen hat Setz In vj wochen an die Sonnen so Sy haiss ist so ist Er gerecht Man solle den essig vnd zwibl also fur vnd fur an ein ander stehn lassen dunckht Er dich vom zwibl zu scharff sein so geuss mer essig daran Item gruen zwibl in essig zuthuen wie deß Koenigs Apoteckher sage acht Er sey vnd werde zu starckh Es mueß ainer gar ein starckhe Complexion haben woelcher es prauche es gehoere fur die grobe Paurn

Wo11 - "Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Handschriftenabteilung, Cod. Guelf. 31.3 Aug. 2°"