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    01: Eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅n maeditorial expansion:  ̅ndel keÿsze
    02: Szo schetle dÿ maeditorial expansion:  ̅ndel vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e werp szy in kolt
    03: water Nyeditorial expansion:  ̅m sÿ Revision: 'd' transformed into 's'. deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne weder vth vneditorial expansion:  ̅de ryf sÿ cleyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne
    04: vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e leckge si vp eyneeditorial expansion:  ̕r hareditorial expansion:  ̕er daeck vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lat szy drage
    05: wardeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne maeditorial expansion:  ̅ndel melk vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dar thu gͦte
    06: afelate vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e czücker dar vp
    07: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n appel mues dÿ Eppel schydt ad iiij vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e
    08: schydt dÿ kerneeditorial expansion:  ̅n vt vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e werp sÿ yeditorial expansion:  ̅n smolth
    09: vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e bradt szÿ rodt vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e drücke deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne de eppelleditorial expansion:  ̅en
    10: medt demeditorial expansion:  ̅e smolte dorch eÿneeditorial expansion:  ̅n dueck vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e duch
    11: deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne dar thu haneditorial expansion:  ̅nichkuckeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e rÿf sÿ vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e
    12: szyde dat medt wyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e make dat deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne thu
    13: medt gudeeditorial expansion:  ̅n krude vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dhu dar thu hoeditorial expansion:  ̅nnich
    14: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem Eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n bereeditorial expansion:  ̅n mues syde dÿ kerneditorial expansion:  ̕er yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne paneditorial expansion:  ̅ne deditorial expansion:  ̅et
    15: sÿ weeck weditorial expansion:  ̕erdeditorial expansion:  ̅en nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne with brodt roste
    16: dat rodt vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e weditorial expansion:  ̕erp dat yeditorial expansion:  ̅n wyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e nhem deeditorial expansion:  ̅n=
    17: ne dy bereditorial expansion:  ̕en vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e riff szy kleyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e slach szy
    18: deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne medt demeditorial expansion:  ̅e brode dorch eyeditorial expansion:  ̅neditorial expansion:  ̅em doeck vneditorial expansion:  ̅de
    19: nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne krude vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dueh dar honeditorial expansion:  ̅nich thu
    20: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem Eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n andeditorial expansion:  ̕er appel mues Schelle dy eppele vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e
    21: schÿdt sÿ cleyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath szÿ medt wyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne
    22: vp sÿdeeditorial expansion:  ̅n nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m with brodt dueh dat dar
    23: makeeditorial expansion:  ̅n Reading unclear. vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e lath dath vp sydeeditorial expansion:  ̅n dar uha slach
    24: dat deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne dorch eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅m dueck vneditorial expansion:  ̅de dueh dat
    25: yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅m top vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e lath dat vp sydeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vneditorial expansion:  ̅de dueh
    26: dar thu eyer vneditorial expansion:  ̅de krude vneditorial expansion:  ̅de make geel vneditorial expansion:  ̅de
    27: meeditorial expansion:  ̅nge dar hoeditorial expansion:  ̅nicht thu
    01: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭen Eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n müs vaeditorial expansion:  ̅n quedeeditorial expansion:  ̅n Schydt sÿ ahn vÿreeditorial expansion:  ̅n vneditorial expansion:  ̅de
    02: nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m dÿ kerneditorial expansion:  ̕e vth vneditorial expansion:  ̅de syde gar vneditorial expansion:  ̅de kuele sy deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne
    03: wedar nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne rasseditorial expansion:  ̅en vneditorial expansion:  ̅de fygeeditorial expansion:  ̕r vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e wasche sÿ
    04: reyne yeditorial expansion:  ̅n wieditorial expansion:  ̅ne vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dueh deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne dÿ quhedeeditorial expansion:  ̅n Word was revised, it is marked wiht a correction mark. bereditorial expansion:  ̕en rosseditorial expansion:  ̅en
    05: fygeeditorial expansion:  ̅n thu hope vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e slach dat dorch eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅n dueck
    06: vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dueh dat deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyneeditorial expansion:  ̕r poth vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e make dath
    07: duneditorial expansion:  ̅ne vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath dath vp sydeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e dueh dat thu krude
    08: witteeditorial expansion:  ̅n engefar
    09: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n fleÿsch mues nhemeditorial expansion:  ̅e fleÿs veth vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e mager syde
    10: dat gar nhem dat vt vneditorial expansion:  ̅de hacke dat cleyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne werp
    11: with brodt in deditorial expansion: at sop vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath dat weck weditorial expansion:  ̕erdeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath
    12: vnder eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n ander hackeeditorial expansion:  ̅n dath dueh deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne poth
    13: vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath dat vp syededitorial expansion:  ̅en medt wÿeditorial expansion:  ̅ne cloppe eÿgeditorial expansion:  ̕er vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e
    14: dueh sÿ dar ahn bet dat ydt vp sÿth vneditorial expansion:  ̅de dueh
    15: dar thu krude vneditorial expansion:  ̅de honeditorial expansion:  ̅nich vneditorial expansion:  ̅de make dat geel medt
    16: czeffeeditorial expansion:  ̕ran
    17: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem leweditorial expansion:  ̕er vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lueditorial expansion:  ̅ngeeditorial expansion:  ̅n mues Syde szÿ beyde gar vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e hacke
    18: sÿ cleyeditorial expansion:  ̅ne medt wieditorial expansion:  ̅ne slach sÿ vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e wryeditorial expansion:  ̅nk sÿ dorch eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅n
    19: doeck vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath dat vp sÿdeeditorial expansion:  ̅n medt gudeeditorial expansion:  ̅n swarteeditorial expansion:  ̅n krüde
    20: vneditorial expansion:  ̅de dueh honeditorial expansion:  ̅nich dar thu
    21: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n gudeeditorial expansion:  ̅n etÿk dheeditorial expansion:  ̅n dhu wÿlth drageeditorial expansion:  ̅n oefer feldt
    22: dr nheme sle half rype vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e stote den yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅n mojser
    23: vneditorial expansion:  ̅de slach szÿ yeditorial expansion:  ̅n eyneeditorial expansion:  ̕r dueck dat yd duke weditorial expansion:  ̕erdt vndeditorial expansion:  ̅e
    24: leckge vp eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n bredt vneditorial expansion:  ̅de sette dat yeditorial expansion:  ̅n dÿ sune Revision: 'y' transformed into 'u' with correction mark. vneditorial expansion:  ̅de lath
    25: dat wol drage weditorial expansion:  ̕erdeeditorial expansion:  ̅n vneditorial expansion:  ̅de nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m dat deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne vaeditorial expansion:  ̅n demeditorial expansion:  ̅e krede
    26: vneditorial expansion:  ̅de nheeditorial expansion:  ̅m deditorial expansion: at yeditorial expansion:  ̅n dÿ tasche wen dhu wilt etzyck hebbeditorial expansion:  ̅en
    27: szo slach deditorial expansion: at medt wieditorial expansion:  ̅ne odder oldeeditorial expansion:  ̅m byreditorial expansion:  ̕r dorch eyneeditorial expansion:  ̅n
    28: düeck szo weditorial expansion:  ̕erth dat gudt etzick
    29: Iteditorial expansion:  ꝭem wiltu bitteditorial expansion:  ̕er bradeeditorial expansion:  ̅n slach sy szereditorial expansion:  ̕r wol vneditorial expansion:  ̅de steck ahn eyeditorial expansion:  ̅n
    30: spith szo slach sÿ wol medt mele wen sÿ deneditorial expansion:  ̅ne ge
    31: bradeeditorial expansion:  ̅n ist szo be slach sÿ meth olye szo weditorial expansion:  ̕erth sÿ geel