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Outline of Cultural Materials

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  1. 100 Orientation
  2. 110 Bibliography
  3. 120 Methodology
  4. 130 Geography
  5. 140 Human Biology
  6. 150 Behavior Processes and Personality
  7. 160 Demography
  8. 170 History and Culture Change
  9. 180 Total Culture
  10. 190 Language
  11. 200 Communication
  12. 210 Records
  13. 220 Food Quest
  14. 230 Animal Husbandry
  15. 240 Agriculture
  16. 250 Food Processing
  17. 260 Food Consumption
  18. 270 Drink, Drugs, and Indulgence
  19. 280 Leather, Textiles, and Fabrics
  20. 290 Clothing
  21. 300 Adornment
  22. 310 Exploitative Activities
  23. 320 Processing of Basic Materials
  24. 330 Building and Construction
  25. 340 Structures
  26. 350 Equipment and Maintenance of BLDGS
  27. 360 Settelments
  28. 370 Energy and Power
  29. 390 Captial Goods Industries
  30. 400 Machines
  31. 410 Tools and Appliances
  32. 420 Property
  33. 430 Exchange
  34. 440 Marketing
  35. 450 Finance
  36. 460 Labor
  37. 470 Business and Industrial Organization
  38. 480 Travel and Transportation
  39. 490 Land Transport
  40. 500 Water, Air, and Space Transportation
  41. 510 Living Standards and Routines
  42. 520 Recreation
  43. 530 Arts
  44. 540 Commercialized Entertainment
  45. 550 Individuation and Mobility
  46. 560 Social Stratification
  47. 570 Interpersonal Relations
  48. 590 Familiy
  49. 620 Community
  50. 640 State
  51. 650 Government Activities
  52. 660 Political Behavior
  53. 670 Law
  54. 690 Justice
  55. 700 Armed Forces
  56. 710 Military Technology
  57. 720 War
  58. 730 Social Problems
  59. 740 Health and Welfare
  60. 750 Sickness
  61. 760 Death
  62. 770 Religious Beliefs
  63. 780 Religious Practices
  64. 790 Ecclesiatical Organization
  65. 820 Ideas about Nature and Man
  66. 850 Infancy and Childhood
  67. 870 Education
  68. 880 Adolescene, Adulthood, and Old Age
  69. 890 Gender Roles and Issues

> 370 Energy and Power

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  1. School headmaster Martin Bedjanić in his officePrint versionTEI versionSchool headmaster Martin Bedjanić in his officeTopič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  2. Mills at a waterfallPrint versionTEI versionMills at a waterfallunknownCollection: VIF
  3. Inside the Girls' High School (Više djevojačke škole)Print versionTEI versionInside the Girls' High School (Više djevojačke škole)Topič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  4. Eugene Godard and Dr. Nikola Genadiev in a balloonPrint versionTEI versionEugene Godard and Dr. Nikola Genadiev in a balloonKarastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  5. An Orthodox church in BulgariaPrint versionTEI versionAn Orthodox church in BulgariaKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  6. Class at the Boys' High School (Velika gimnazija)Print versionTEI versionClass at the Boys' High School (Velika gimnazija)Topič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  7. The National BankPrint versionTEI versionThe National BankKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  8. "Targovska Street 1890 - Sofia."Print versionTEI version"Targovska Street 1890 - Sofia."Karastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  9. Library/cultural club "Slavyanska beseda" /Slav Dialog/Print versionTEI versionLibrary/cultural club "Slavyanska beseda" /Slav Dialog/Karastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  10. The Sofia SynagoguePrint versionTEI versionThe Sofia SynagogueKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  11. Introductory lesson in the Girls' High School (Više djevojačke škole)Print versionTEI versionIntroductory lesson in the Girls' High School (Više djevojačke škole)Topič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  12. The National TheatrePrint versionTEI versionThe National TheatreKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  13. Potters’ marketPrint versionTEI versionPotters’ marketKarastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  14. The Central Market Hall in SofiaPrint versionTEI versionThe Central Market Hall in SofiaKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  15. "Sarajevo: Muslim Quarter"Print versionTEI version"SarajevounknownCollection: VIF
  16. Herzegovinian villagePrint versionTEI versionHerzegovinian villageunknownCollection: VIF
  17. Water millPrint versionTEI versionWater millunknownCollection: VIF
  18. "Kavala"Print versionTEI version"Kavala"Karastoyanov, Bozhidar DimitrovCollection: VIF
  19. "Elucidation"Print versionTEI version"Elucidation"Karastoyanova, Bilyana BraykovaCollection: VIF
  20. Legue StreetPrint versionTEI versionLegue StreetKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  21. Group of people standing in front of the Town HallPrint versionTEI versionGroup of people standing in front of the Town HallTopič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  22. Eagles' BridgePrint versionTEI versionEagles' BridgeKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  23. "The Sofia market"Print versionTEI version"The Sofia market"Karastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  24. Two men in a curriclePrint versionTEI versionTwo men in a curricleKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  25. Studio portrait of Ivan SimeonovPrint versionTEI versionStudio portrait of Ivan SimeonovKarastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  26. Postcard from the Pernik minePrint versionTEI versionPostcard from the Pernik mineKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  27. Otto Bieligk's HousePrint versionTEI versionOtto Bieligk's HouseKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  28. Portrait of Konstantin KanchevPrint versionTEI versionPortrait of Konstantin KanchevKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  29. Engaged couple KanchevPrint versionTEI versionEngaged couple KanchevKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  30. View of Sofia and the Lions' BridgePrint versionTEI versionView of Sofia and the Lions' BridgeKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  31. The billiard room in the Club House (Društveni dom)Print versionTEI versionThe billiard room in the Club House (Društveni dom)Topič, FrantišekCollection: VIF
  32. Street scene in a residential quarterPrint versionTEI versionStreet scene in a residential quarterTausch, WalterCollection: VIF
  33. Lions' BridgePrint versionTEI versionLions' BridgeKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  34. A Gabrovo street with the building of the Girls' SchoolPrint versionTEI versionA Gabrovo street with the building of the Girls' SchoolKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  35. Mustakovi's housePrint versionTEI versionMustakovi's houseKarastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  36. "Sarajevo - Street Area In Front Of The City Hall"Print versionTEI version"Sarajevo - Street Area In Front Of The City Hall"unknownCollection: VIF
  37. Targovska StreetPrint versionTEI versionTargovska StreetKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  38. Studio portrait of the Kanchev familyPrint versionTEI versionStudio portrait of the Kanchev familyKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  39. Outdoor photograph of women, men and children in urban clothesPrint versionTEI versionOutdoor photograph of women, men and children in urban clothesKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  40. Firefighters at workPrint versionTEI versionFirefighters at workKarastoyanova, Bilyana BraykovaCollection: VIF
  41. Tsar Osvoboditel BoulevardPrint versionTEI versionTsar Osvoboditel BoulevardKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  42. Every day life at the fountain SebiljPrint versionTEI versionEvery day life at the fountain SebiljTausch, WalterCollection: VIF
  43. "Pernik. Coal mine"Print versionTEI version"Pernik. Coal mine"Karastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  44. "Sarajevo = Area Near The City Hall"Print versionTEI version"Sarajevo = Area Near The City Hall"unknownCollection: VIF
  45. "Sarajevo. Muslim Girls On The Street"Print versionTEI version"Sarajevo. Muslim Girls On The Street"unknownCollection: VIF
  46. Firefighter on a roofPrint versionTEI versionFirefighter on a roofKarastoyanova, Bilyana BraykovaCollection: VIF
  47. Studio portrait of Konstantin KanchevPrint versionTEI versionStudio portrait of Konstantin KanchevKarastoyanov, Ivan AnastasovCollection: VIF
  48. Wedding portrait of Nevyanka and Atanas EnchevPrint versionTEI versionWedding portrait of Nevyanka and Atanas EnchevKarastoyanov, Dimitar AnastasovCollection: VIF
  49. Firemen in front of a burnt-out wooden house in SultanahmetPrint versionTEI versionFiremen in front of a burnt-out wooden house in SultanahmetGörgüç, Namık; Giz, SelahattinCollection: SIBA
  50. Facade in the airPrint versionTEI versionFacade in the airGörgüç, Namık; Giz, SelahattinCollection: SIBA
  51. Fire brigade festivities in Taksim StadiumPrint versionTEI versionFire brigade festivities in Taksim StadiumGörgüç, Namık; Giz, SelahattinCollection: SIBA
  52. Fireman on the collapsed roof of the 'Kasina' cinemaPrint versionTEI versionFireman on the collapsed roof of the 'Kasina' cinemaGrdijan, SvetozarCollection: SIBA