Cultural and Scientific Heritage of Styria


Full-text Search

Search is not case-sensitive. When entering multiple keywords, use blanks to separate words. The search interface can handle the operators AND, OR and NOT to refine the query and combine search terms. A blank is equivalent to OR: the search a b or a OR b gives results containing a, b or both. If you want to combine your search terms with AND, enter a AND b, which gives a result containing both terms. If you put NOT in front of your keyword, you will only get results not containing the search term.
Search terms can be truncated using the character *. The asterisk serves as a placeholder for any number of characters, but may not be used at the beginning of a word. A phrase search is performed when multiple keywords are placed in quotation marks. The results only show entries containing the exact phrase specified.
Please keep in mind that a full-text search will not only search the text displayed in this portal but also the full text source at the corresponding partner.

Facetted Search

Within a facet two or more selections are combined with OR, across facets with AND. Multiple selection is possible in all facets. The button "cancel selection" clears the present facet. You can see the number of results for the current search combination in brackets. Only the top five options are displayed, to see the whole list click "more". Options are sorted according to their results and are listed alphabetically if they have the same number of results. Facets with a large number of results (e.g. in the case of places, people, material, periods) are sorted alphabetically in the "More" popup window and can be filtered using the input field. Selected values will be ranked first for clarity. When a selection has been made this will be visualized by a green check mark in front of the facet. Persons and places can also be displayed as a tag cloud.

Creation Date

By ticking the checkbox "Show dated objects only" the date search is activated and the results are limited to dated objects. Select a date or period of time by using the controls or typing the year into the input. If the checkbox is not checked the search also includes objects with no date information.

Place of Origin

The facet "Place of origin" allows you to filter the results for one or more places. Only places linked to an authority file (GeoNames) will appear in this list. Places not definitely identified are not shown, but you can look for these entries using full text search. All listed places can be displayed as a tagcloud.

Associated Person

You can select one or more associated persons from the list and refine your search. Persons will only appear in the list if they are identified in an authority file (GND), but not if they are only mentioned in the description or are not unambiguously identified. Not only creators or authors are seen as associated persons but also contributors (for instance receivers of a letter). You can choose to see all persons in a tagcloud.


You can select one or more categories to refine your search. Please be aware that this feature may not be annotated at all or at the same level for all collections.


You can select one or more languages from the list to search for related objects. Please be aware that the language feature may not be annotated for all entries or is not applicable to some object types.


With this selection you can restrict your results according to material. Please note that not all collections provide this information and that one object can consist of more than one material.


A historic period can be selected in this facet. Please note that this information may not be provided by all collections or be applicable for all object types.

Institution, Department, Collection

You can refine your search by selecting one or more institutions, departments (for instance university departments) or collections. The department has an abbreviation for the corresponding institution after the "|" to allow unambiguous attribution. The abbreviations are:

  • KFUG: University of Graz
  • TUG: University of Technology Graz
  • KUG: University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

The facet offers, if available, a list of inventories or thematic collections. For further information on the institutions and departments as well as available collections see Collections.

Sort Sequence

Results are initially displayed according to their relevance (this sequence can not be inverted). In addition, you can sort results according to the place of origin in ascending and descending alphabetic order or according to creation year in ascending and descending order.

Detail View

The detail view of an entry lists all relevant information and gives a preview of the digital object. If there is no image available, a default thumbnail will be displayed. The following actions can be performed:

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