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Object Identifier (PID): context:mws-journaldesmoeurs-tome-1

Version Date: current
Datastream ID Datastream Label MIME Type
BIBTEX view content
BIBTEX Source text/xml
KML view content
OCG KML Representation of Context text/xml
THUMBNAIL view content
Thumbnail image/jpeg
METHODS view content
Dissemination Methods text/xml
PID view content
Permalink text/html
FO_STYLESHEET view content
BibTeX to FO Stylesheet text/xml
STYLESHEET view content
Context resp. BibTeX to HTML Stylesheet text/xml
KML_REF view content
Reference to KML stream text/xml
QR view content
QR Code image/jpeg
RELS-EXT view content
RDF Statements application/rdf+xml
QUERY view content
Mulgara Triplestore Query application/sparql-query
DC view content
Dublin Core Record text/xml
METADATA view content
Mulgara Triplestore Metadata text/xml