Humanities' Asset Management System

Published projects

  1. Alexander Rollett: Edition of LettersAlexander Rollett: Edition of Letters

    Publisher: Walter Höflechner

    This project by the Center of the History of Science provides a digital edition of the correspondence between Alexander and Emil Rollett and letters from the scientific community to Alexander Rollett, the first holder of the chair of physiology and histology of the Medical Faculty at the University of Graz, established in 1863.

  2. Arms and Portrait Books of RegensburgArms and Portrait Books of Regensburg

    Publisher: Stadtarchiv Regensburg

    The city archive of Regensburg functioned as the partner of the MA-project of the first EuroMACHS students. The 'Wappen- and Porträtbücher' (Arms and Portrait Books) are a collection of manuscripts which have been made available as a web representation and at the same time were subject of long-term preservation. One of the 12 volumes is available as a digital scholarly edition, the rest of the collection can be viewed as a facsimile.

  3. Between Hellenicity and Polis IdentityBetween Hellenicity and Polis Identity

    Publisher: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

    What impact did ethnicity have on Alliance politics and stereotyping? Was this used for propaganda or rhetoric? The project, funded by the FWF, creates an annotated source collection in original language and translation as the basis for this research project, which can also serve other scientific disciplines. The implementation of this collection in an XML-based system allows the digital publication, including unique addressing of each quote.

  4. Celtic Divine Names in the Inscriptions of the Roman Province Germania InferiorCeltic Divine Names in the Inscriptions of the Roman Province Germania Inferior

    Publisher: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

    The project evaluates all preserved inscriptions containing Celtic divine names in the Roman province Germania Inferior. This should lead to fundamental knowledge about the development and manifestations of the so-called Gallo-Roman provincial religion. However, this can also make an important contribution to the study of processes commonly referred to as Romanization. In addition to a print edition, an online corpus of inscriptions will be created, which will be implemented by the ZIM.

  5. Coin CollectionCoin Collection

    Publisher: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

    The Institute of Ancient History and Classical Antiquities at the University of Graz houses a collection of nearly 4000 antique coins. The collection ranges from Classical Greek, Hellenistic and Celtic coins to material from the Migration Period and Byzantium. The major part of the collection consists of Roman coins. As part of the online portal "Alte Geschichte", the digital presentation of the collection presents numismatic data as well as archival information and digital facsimiles.

  6. Collection of SealsCollection of Seals

    Publisher: Institut für Geschichte

    The Collection of Seals of the Institute of History was established for students to study sigillography with the former professor of medieval history and ancillary sciences of history Friedrich Hausmann (1917-2009) in the 1960s. The collection consists of a total of 281 seals from the 9th to the 20th century and is constantly expanding. Alongside some originals, there are mostly wax and plaster casts.

  7. Commentary on Werner Kofler's prose workCommentary on Werner Kofler's prose work

    Publisher: Wolfgang Straub, Institut für Germanistik der Universität Wien

    The project complements the printed commented prose work of the Austrian writer Werner Kofler. It complements the printed commentary with additional materials and a multilayered access to the existing content.

  8. Concepts of Reality in ModernismConcepts of Reality in Modernism

    Publisher: Susanne Knaller (Institut für Romanistik und Zentrum für Kulturwissenschaften)

    Texts from the 18th to 21st century dealing with the relationship between art and reality, which has always been the constitutive question of aesthetics and poetics, are systematically arranged and analytically presented in this project by the Department of Romance Studies.

  9. Cultural and Scientific Heritage of StyriaCultural and Scientific Heritage of Styria

    Publisher: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    The web portal offers access to digitally represented cultural heritage stored and researched in different places in Styria. The over 27,000 digital resources can be searched and filtered according to different criteria. In addition, Virtual Tours allow for a more playful engagement with the objects, enabling you to digitally stroll through collections. Descriptions of partner institutions and background information on the present project complete the presentation.

  10. Departure into the modern age: commercial artDeparture into the modern age: commercial art

    Publisher: Eva Klein

    Already around 1900, the modern graphic poster conquers the public urban space and thus marks the beginning of the history of commercial design. A scientific examination of the posters and graphics of the Styrian Provincial Archives and their pictorial and art historical analysis provide new insights into the Styrian Modernism. Forgotten artists are identified, a development depicted and placed into the international context. As early as 1900, Graz had lively modern tendencies that can be summed up in the term of Graz Zeitkunst.

  11. Dialect CulturesDialect Cultures

    Publisher: Institut für Germanistik

    The objective of the project „Dialektkulturen II - Datenbank-Launch, Editionen und Ästhetik“ (FWF Number of project: P 25573-G23)“, which was conducted in cooperation with the “Institut für Germanistik” (Christian Neuhuber, Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr), is to ensure a long-time preservation of the corpus of Bavarian-Austrian dialect cultures, that had been gathered in the previous project “Dialektkulturen”, and to provide the contents to a broad audience by using the Asset Management System GAMS.

  12. Digital Archive on Franz BrentanoDigital Archive on Franz Brentano

    Publisher: Institut für Philosophie

    The goal of this project in cooperation with the Franz Brentano Archive Graz (Institute of Philosophy) is to make accessible to scholars the entire estate of the Austro-German philosopher Franz Brentano (1838-1917) in the form of digital facsimiles of his philosophical manuscripts and correspondence.

  13. Digital Edition Ludwig GumplowiczDigital Edition Ludwig Gumplowicz

    Publisher: Gerald Angermann-Mozetič

    The aim of this online edition is to make the the entire oevre (books, essays, obituaries and reviews) of Ludwig Gumplowicz, but also relevant secondary sources, accessible using modern web technologies (Single Source Publishing).

  14. Epigraphical collectionEpigraphical collection

    Publisher: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

    The Institute of Ancient History and Classical Antiquities at the University of Graz hosts a collection of squeezes of Latin and Greek inscriptions. They were photographed and edited at the digitization center of the university library. The inscriptions were transcribed, translated and commented on by specialists in the field. The Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities is responsible for the management and archiving of both the digitizations and their metadata and thus facilitates the use of the collection for research and educational purposes.

  15. Founding charter and insignia of the University of GrazFounding charter and insignia of the University of Graz

    Publisher: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    In 2014, the text of the founding charter, as well as the imperial and papal confirmations as well as descriptions of the insignia of the university of Graz were published in print. The central contents of this publication were transferred into a digital representation and will be released as a separate project and as a part of the “Repository of Styrian cultural heritage”.

  16. GINKO - Online Portal Department of Art HistoryGINKO - Online Portal Department of Art History

    Publisher: Institut für Kunstgeschichte

    This online resource grants access to unique picture collections at the Department of Art History. It features a topographical collection and a pool of images used in teaching and research at the department.

  17. Gralis AndrićGralis Andrić

    Publisher: Branko Tošović, Arno Wonisch, Olga Lehner

    A corpus of selected texts by the writer Ivo Andrić.

  18. Gralis ĆopićGralis Ćopić

    Publisher: Branko Tošović, Arno Wonisch, Olga Lehner

    A corpus of selected texts by the writer Branko Ćopić.

  19. Gralis EducationGralis Education

    Publisher: Branko Tošović, Arno Wonisch, Olga Lehner

    A sub-corpus of the Gralis corpus for educational purposes.

  20. Gralis Text CorpusGralis Text Corpus

    Publisher: Branko Tošović, Arno Wonisch, Olga Lehner

    This multilingual parallel corpus for the study and learning of all Slavic languages consists of various sub-corpora; on the one hand on macro groups (south, east and west Slavic languages) and on the other hand on microgroups (corpora for individual languages and individual corpora - corpora of the works of writers such Ivo Andrić, Zoran Živković and others).

  21. Hans Gross Criminal Museum: Virtual collectionHans Gross Criminal Museum: Virtual collection

    Publisher: Universitätsmuseen der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    In 1895 Hans Gross set up a collection consisting of "corpora deliciti" which was founded as "Criminal-Museum am Landesgericht für Strafsachen" in Graz and moved to the University of Graz in 1913, where it is one of the collections of the University Museums since the creation of "überfakultärer Leistungsbereichs Universitätsmuseen der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz". In the context of the HRSM project "Repositorium steirisches Wissenschaftserbe" the objects of Hans Gross Criminal Museum were for the first time inventoried and digitally recorded according to modern museological viewpoints.

  22. Hearth Tax DigitalHearth Tax Digital

    Publisher: Centre for Hearth Tax Research, British Academy, University of Roehampton, University of Graz

    Hearth Tax Digital is a platform for the publication and dissemination of data from the hearth tax records and other associated documents. Hearth taxes were levied in England and Wales from 1662 until 1689. The hearth tax provides a remarkably rich series of records on population, wealth distribution and poverty in a period of key political, social and economic change. The "Hearth Tax Digital" project is realised in cooperation with the Centre for Hearth Tax Research (University of Roehampton, UK) and supported by the British Academy.

  23. Hugo von Montfort – The poetic opus: visual versionHugo von Montfort – The poetic opus: visual version

    Publisher: Institut für Germanistik, Universität Graz

    “Hugo von Montfort – the poetic opus” is a hybrid edition which demonstrates how a poetic opus from the Middle Ages can be represented in multimedia form. The text can be explored in the following forms: the reading version, the visual version, the audio version and the melody version. The associated internet platform for the new edition is reachable under The visual version realized here is based on a graphetically detailed basis transliteration and links the transcript with the images of the handwriting.

  24. Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall: memorabilia and lettersJoseph von Hammer-Purgstall: memorabilia and letters

    Publisher: Walter Höflechner und Alexandra Wagner

    Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall accumulated an enormous international correspondence, which is a valuable source for the history of science and history in general. The information obtained from his letters is made accessible by the Center of the History of Science.

  25. Learning Portal “Europe and the Atlantic world of the Modern Period”Learning Portal “Europe and the Atlantic world of the Modern Period”

    Publisher: Gabriele Haug-Moritz, Renate Pieper, Marlies Raffler und Nikolaus Reisinger

    The faculties "Early Modern Era" and "Economic and Social History" have put together a corpus of learning materials which will accompany students of history throughout their studies, familiarizing them in a systematic and structured way with the contents and research perspectives of modern history.

  26. Legal iconographic databaseLegal iconographic database

    Publisher: Gernot Kocher

    The extensive collection of illustrations on legal iconography of the Institute for Austrian Legal History was made publicly available in February 2007 and is not only used as teaching material. High-quality graphics become an information pool for teaching and research through descriptive texts, datings, categorisations and indexing.

  27. Meringer CollectionMeringer Collection

    Publisher: Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie

    Rudolf Meringer was Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Linguistics at the University of Graz. The digital representation offers insights into the remaining holdings of his object and slide collection at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology.

  28. Moral WeekliesMoral Weeklies

    Publisher: Klaus-Dieter Ertler, Alexandra Fuchs, Michaela Fischer

    Spanish, Italian and French Moral Weeklies from the 18th century are presented as interactive texts for scientific analysis in this project by the Department of Romance Studies.

  29. Municipal accounts of the city of Basel 1535-1611Municipal accounts of the city of Basel 1535-1611

    Publisher: Susanna Burghartz (Departement Geschichte/Universität Basel)

    Prof. Susanna Burghartz from the University of Basel prepared an edition of the annual municipal accounts of Basel in the 16th century, which is major source for the social and economic history of the town. In cooperataion with the ZIM the project created a semantically enriched edition following the research result of Georg Vogeler on the digital edition of medieval and early modern accounting. The edition allows to access the accounts as texts and as numerical data as well.

  30. Ödön von Horvath: historical-critical edition – digital editionÖdön von Horvath: historical-critical edition – digital edition

    Publisher: Klaus Kastberger

    Ödön von Horváth is one of the most renowned German-speaking authors of the 20th century. The project page Ödön von Horvath: Historisch-kritische Ausgabe – Digitale Edition (historical-critical edition – digital edition) summarizes the editorial effort for his work. It allows insights into the methodology of the historical-critical print-edition and offers a digital edition of Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald (1931; Tales from the Vienna Woods), which is intended as the beginning of a digitalization effort of his entire dramatic work. The digital edition puts special emphasis on visualisation techniques (network graphs) as new analytical tool in the Digital Humanities.

  31. Online Portal Ancient History and Classical AntiquitiesOnline Portal Ancient History and Classical Antiquities

    Publisher: Sabine Tausend

    This portal hosts a number of different research projects and digital editions: Violence in antique societies, Hellenistic consciousness and Polis affiliation, Epigraphical collection, Coin collection.

  32. Online Portal Archaeological CollectionsOnline Portal Archaeological Collections

    Publisher: Institut für Archäologie

    The Institute of Archaeology houses a collection of originals and replica founded in 1865 and located in the main university building. In context of the "Repository of Styrian Cultural Heritage" the already existing online representation of the originals was fundamentally revised and supplemented by a virtual tour.

  33. Podcast-Portal University of GrazPodcast-Portal University of Graz

    Publisher: Akademie für Neue Medien und Wissenstransfer

    In cooperation with the Academy for New Media and Knowledge Transfer, we developed an environment for hosting various podcasts provided by the University of Graz: Recordings of lectures, presentations and tutorials, as well as documentaries and public relations material is accessible online and also searchable through Europeana.

  34. Postcards OnlinePostcards Online

    Publisher: GrazMuseum

    “Postcards Online” is part of the project “Repository of Styrian Cultural Heritage” and is implemented in cooperation with the GrazMuseum. On the basis of the inventory of the postcards, done in the course of a former project of the GrazMuseum and the Photoinstitut Bonartes in Vienna, a detailed data model was developed considering the specific characteristics of picture postcards (text and image). The online presentation makes unique sources accessible to the general public and offers various approaches to the collection via types, producers or pictorial content for example. The centre for information modelling is responsible for the data model and the implementation of the online presentation.

  35. Quantum mechanics visualised and animatedQuantum mechanics visualised and animated

    Publisher: Bernd Thaller

    The Institute of Mathematics visualizes and animates multilingual quantum mechanical concepts and topics. The aim of the project is to present visualizations and animations on quantum mechanics in a student-friendly way. By studying these materials, an understanding of fundamental questions of quantum mechanics is to be built up, which reflects the growing importance of this area of knowledge for our daily lives.

  36. Reader on the History of ScienceReader on the History of Science

    Publisher: Walter Höflechner

    A digital reader on the history of science dating back to the 18th and 20th centuries is offered for students, including accompanying material (biographical notes, images, sketches, terminological notes, etc.). The project is published and developed in cooperation with the Center for the History of Science.

  37. Register Book of StyriaRegister Book of Styria

    Publisher: Historische Landeskommission Steiermark

    The online publication of the Register Book of Styria is comprised of 164 texts. It is a new edition of the legally relevant medieval documents (charters) up to 1192. In this period Styria was not yet united in personal union to Austria. The scientific work was done by Friedrich Hausmann on behalf of the Historical State Commission for Styria in cooperation with the Institute of History.

  38. Seals of the Salzburg metropolisSeals of the Salzburg metropolis

    Publisher: Rudolf Höfer

    The project explores the seals of the Salzburg archbishops as well as the bishops of the Salzburg dioceses Gurk, Chiemsee, Seckau and Lavant up to the Josephine diocesan regulation 1786. This research project provides a comprehensive temporal and geographical coverage, which enables an overview of the development of the seals in the different centuries and various art historical periods.

  39. Stefan Zweig DigitalStefan Zweig Digital

    Publisher: Literaturarchiv Salzburg

    The aim of the international project STEFAN ZWEIG DIGITAL is to merge the dispersed literary estate of the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and make it accessible through the web for the public and scientific community. In cooperation with the Literaturarchiv Salzburg a digital reconstruction of the material will be offered to preserve this unique source and help bypass property and place boundaries, including access to manuscripts, digital facsimiles and a index of Zweig’s library. STEFAN ZWEIG DIGITAL offers multiple retrieval and discovery functionalities based on semantic technologies.

  40. Subject Petitions at the court of Emperor Rudolph II.Subject Petitions at the court of Emperor Rudolph II.

    Publisher: Gabriele Haug-Moritz, Sabine Ullmann

    This project in cooperation with the Institute of History and the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt records, indexes and examines petitions and thus shed light on an otherwise ignored source for the politics and history of the Old Empire.

  41. The Itinerary of Paolo SantoninoThe Itinerary of Paolo Santonino

    Publisher: Helmut W. Klug

    Paolo Santonino traveled in a tour group under the leadership of the Bishop of Udine in three trips to East Tyrol, Carinthia, Krain and the former Mark on the Sann. Santonino describes these trips, which took place in the years 1485-87, the landscape and the people in the smallest details and lists for each meal served dishes and individual courses. The project provides the first two trips as an electronic resource.

  42. The reception of antiquity at the Graz Jesuit UniversityThe reception of antiquity at the Graz Jesuit University

    Publisher: Ludwig Fladerer

    A concept for the electronic edition of original texts and commentaries from the field of antiquity research at the Graz Jesuit University was developed and implemented in this project in close collaboration with staff of the Institute of Classical Philology.

  43. Urfehdebücher of the city of Basel - digital editionUrfehdebücher of the city of Basel - digital edition

    Publisher: Susanna Burghartz (Departement Geschichte/Universität Basel)

    The digital edition of the Basler Urfehdebuch X from 1563 to 1569 represents a legal-historic source. In cooperation with the department of history of the University of Basel the source was encoded in TEI and further specific retrieval-functionalities based on a RDF data model, a categorization based on a controlled vocabulary and a “data-basket” for exporting selected entries was implemented.

  44. Violence in AntiquityViolence in Antiquity

    Publisher: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde

    This project seeks to examine the question of how violence was perceived and presented in ancient times, and what kind of "visual language" was used for this purpose.

  45. Virtual didactic environment for Medieval LiteratureVirtual didactic environment for Medieval Literature

    Publisher: Institut für Germanistik

    The objective of the project is to develop an openly accessible, virtual didactic environment which enables teachers to address the topic of medieval literature in class. For that purpose a corpus comprising regional medieval literature is made available on the text portal. Furthermore, glossarial information and additional teaching material adapted to the requirements of students on secondary educational level are featured.

  46. Virtual Museum of the University of GrazVirtual Museum of the University of Graz

    Publisher: Universität Graz

    This portal provides an overview of the digitized artifact collections of the University, which are published via the asset management system GAMS.

  47. Visual Archive of Southeastern EuropeVisual Archive of Southeastern Europe

    Publisher: Universität Graz und Universität Basel

    The main objective of the Visual Archive Southeastern Europe is to assemble historical and contemporary visual materials on Southeastern Europe. VASE seeks to draw attention to the visual as primary source, to enhance visual studies as a technique and method and thereby enrich the primarily text-based historical-anthropological research. By providing different types of images - e. g. photos and postcards - VASE aims at reflecting the (self-) images of Southeastern Europe, both among the academic community as well as on society at large. It may not be used for commercial purposes.

  48. Vocabularies and OntologiesVocabularies and Ontologies

    Publisher: Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung

    The project gives an overview of controlled vocabularies and ontologies created in the cource of various projects at the Centre.

Ongoing projects

Cantus Network – a semantically enriched digital edition of libri ordinarii of the Salzburg metropolitan province
in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences

CoReMA: Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages: Corpus, Analysis, Visualisation
in cooperation with the University of Tours

The Imperial Diet of Regensburg of 1576
in cooperation with the Institute of History of the University of Graz

The Mediality of Diplomatic Communication: Habsburg Envoys in Constantinople in the Mid-17th Century
in cooperation with the University of Salzburg

Retain Domain Specific Functionalities in a Generic Repository with Humanities Data

Fabula docet: – Who wants sour grapes? Graz Repository of ancient Fables (GRaF)
in cooperation with the Institute of Classical Philology of the University of Graz

HEDONE: Prosopography of antique hetaerae
in cooperation with the Institute of Ancient History and Classical Antiquities of the University of Graz

Hugo Schuchardt Archive - Migration Project
in cooperation with the Institute of Linguistics of the University of Graz

Madgwas: a Database of Ethiopian Binding Decoration

Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative for Historical Accounts (DEPCHA)

Open Access Database "Adjective-Adverb Interfaces in Romance"
in cooperation with the Institute of Romance Studies of the University of Graz

Postcarding nation, language and identities. Lower Styria on Picture Postcards (1885–1920)
in cooperation with the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Graz